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Prescription Skin Care

Enhancing skin health is a core value of Dr Fiona’s and she passionately believes that medical grade, evidence-based skincare is a key component in all her patients treatment plans. Skincare ranges such as Obagi , SkinBetterScience, Medik-8 and SkinCeuticals have been chosen for their biologically active ingredients to enhance skincare efficacy. Using these alongside bespoke prescription-only products ensures that skin health is optimised.

Conditions such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation can all be treated effectively with appropriate skincare.

To be able to offer the most impartial yet effective treatment plan, Dr Fiona uses a boutique skincare tech platform called Get Harley. This allows Dr Fiona to recommend and prescribe a bespoke skin care plan featuring a range of brands with the products delivered directly to you. 

An in-depth consultation is required to best inform you on each treatment.

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Prescription Skin Care

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