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PDO Threads

A thread lift is a method of repositioning the skin in order to achieve a light “lift” and enhance the facial profile. Threads are made of a resorbable material (meaning it dissolves over time) called polydioxanone (PDO) which has been extensively researched and used for many years in medical and pharmaceutical fields. The threads are introduced under the skin with either a needle or a blunt ended cannula which is removed once the threads are correctly positioned. Dr Fiona uses primarily smooth monofilament threads for the purpose of improving skin texture as well as inducing a subtle lifting effect. Smooth threads are anchored to lift as well as stimulating collagen. The number of threads inserted is dependent on the area being treated.

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PDO Threads

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You will see an immediate subtle lifting result on the day – The appearance is expected to gradually improve over a period of 2-3 months as collagen remodeling occurs.

The effect should last between 18 months – 2 years depending on your age, lifestyle and skin laxity.

The risks associated include the potential of bruising, swelling or redness at the injection site. Although uncommon, there is also the possibility of infection or asymmetry. Dr Fiona will discuss the potential risks with you during your pre-treatment consultation.


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