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Aquagold Fine Touch

Aquagold ® Fine Touch™ is a patented micro infusion device which allows delivery of a tailored cocktail of ingredients to your skin in a painless and effective manner. Aquagold ® Fine Touch™ uses 24 carat gold plated microneedles (which are finer than a human hair) to make tiny punctures in your skin and allow infusion of a bespoke formulation including hyaluronic acid, vitamins, enzymes or small quantities of Botox depending on your skin concern. As the needles are so fine, it can be used in delicate areas such as the under eye and mouth. It is ideal as a pre-event skin prep as it can improve skin hydration resulting in glowing “glass-like” skin. It has the added benefits of having a short treatment time, minimal downtime and virtually pain-free.

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Aquagold Fine Touch

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Frequently asked questions

The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes.

Results from Aquagold® Fine Touch™ can be seen within 24 hours and last approximately 1 month.

No! You can continue your day as planned without any redness or soreness.


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