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As the Festive Season draws ever-closer, it’s almost time for the Christmas parties to start, and we all want to look our best. There’s nothing nicer than being complimented on those subtle changes: “You look radiant”; “Your skin looks amazing”; “You’re just glowing”; “You look fabulous, but I just can’t pinpoint what’s changed!”…

It is my passion and my mission to create these subtle changes and enhancements which can truly achieve the best possible results for my patients. Every single patient will have different complaints and aspects of their face and skin that may want to enhance or improve. I would always advise that my patients come to me with their concerns, as opposed to just one particular treatment in mind, so that we can devise a treatment plan that is individually suited to their specific needs – there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to optimal results in aesthetics.

It’s for this reason that when I was considering which Christmas promotions I would like to do for my patients this year, I decided upon giving away a voucher to spend on any treatment with me here at my clinic in Kings Road, because each patient will have a different treatment (or combination of treatments) that can provide the best results for them. To enter to win the £100 voucher, simply click here – the winner will be announced on 30th November.

Complimentary Skin Consultations

As well as the Christmas competition, I wanted to give a little something to all patients – new and current – this month. I am offering completely free, complimentary 30 minute skin consultations (usually £150) to any patient that books in at my new clinic before 30th November. To book in for this consultation, simply call the clinic on: 0207 565 0333 and get in touch.

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