What is the Perfect Peel?

The Perfect Peel is a unique medium depth chemical peel which uses a powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, to deliver incredible results after a single treatment.

What is Glutathione and why is it important?

Glutathione has been called “the mother of all antioxidants”. Our bodies own supply of glutathione is depleted as we age due to environmental stress, sun exposure and the ageing process itself. Glutathione helps to protect the skin against UV-induced photoaging, penetrating deep into the cellular level of the skin, fighting free radical damage. It also acts as a skin lightener, helping remove patches of deep pigmentation.

What does the peel contain?

The Perfect Peel blends glutathione, kojic acid, TCA (trichloroacetic acid), retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and phenol as well as Vitamin C.  Kojic acid lightens skin pigmentation and has been proven to increase collagen and elastin production. TCA, phenol and retinoic acid reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation.


What does it do?

  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces skin pigmentation from sun damage and pregnancy
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reduces pore size
  • Stimulates endogenous collagen synthesis resulting in firmer skin
  • Improves acne scarring


Why is the Perfect Peel unique and how long does it take?

The Perfect Peel can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types and requires NO pre-peel skin preparation. The application of the peel  takes less than 15 minutes. The skin will appear red immediately after application of the peel. On Day 3 after the peel application, skin starts to peel in thin sheets. This peeling process should be complete by Day 6/7. You will be given special moisturisers to use at home to aid with skin hydration. We advise that you avoid sun exposure during this week.

Is there anyone who should NOT have a peel?

We do not recommend chemical peels the following patients:

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Patients with active cold sores
  • Patients with active skin infections
  • Patients with aspirin allergies

Below are some images of before and after The Perfect Peel