Medical Grade Skincare


A good and effective skin care regimen is essential to ensure optimum skin health. The easiest way to get glowing skin is daily use of products that actually work and are backed by scientific evidence.

Unfortunately choosing the right skin care and the best products for your skin has been complicated by the cosmetics industry and their advertising. So many of our patients come to see us and they use a combination of expensive products that they have been sold in beauty halls in reputable stores-“I thought if it was more expensive, then it would work better” is probably the commonest thing we hear in clinic!

Medical grade skin care or cosmeceuticals are skin care products that contain sufficient concentrations of biologically active ingredients to enhance skincare efficacy. Biologically active ingredients such as Vitamin C and retinol may be advertised as being present in over the counter cosmetic products but they will not be present in adequate concentrations to get any meaningful results.This is why medical grade skincare is the gold standard-If you are going to spend money on skincare, only spend it on products that work!

Dr Fiona recommends two main medical grade skincare lines, Obagi and Skinceuticals. She has worked with these products for many years and believes these brands have a strong scientific evidence base and can achieve the best for her patients.