Facial Volume Loss

One of the most obvious signs of ageing is facial volume loss. As we age, internal processes cause collagen, elastin and our natural fat pads to break down. 

Collagen and elastin are substances within the skin’s structure.  These ‘fillers’ found in the deeper layers of the skin are important to maintain plump tight skin structure. As we get older, the body becomes less efficient in replenishing these volume-giving cells and the layers start to decrease.

The blood flow will also slow down in the older body. This hinders the rate at which nutrients are delivered and affects the skin’s natural regeneration and hydration. Managing the skin’s moisture levels takes place in the outer layer of our skin (epidermis), where hyaluronic acid is produced. When our skin becomes less able to bind moisture, hydration levels also begin to decline. 

Facial volume loss may alter our features as the skin loses laxity. We may notice our face begins to sag and our natural contouring changes. Cheeks appear flattened, our jawline looks wider and our mouth can start to look downturned. We may also see the appearance of nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds). For the upper part of the face, hollows can develop under the eyes (tear troughs) and wrinkles start to appear. These may be around the eyes, between the eyebrows and on the forehead. 

There are also a number of environmental factors that may impact both the rate and severity of facial volume loss. These may include: diet and lifestyle, smoking, alcohol consumption, sleep and stress. Through weight loss, when the skin has lost the ability to ‘bounce back’, jowls may start to form.

During a thorough consultation, Dr Fiona will identify the cause of your facial volume loss. She will then recommend the appropriate treatment to help restore diminished properties within your skin and enhance the facial structure. Most commonly, Dr Fiona will administer small amounts of ‘gold standard’ dermal filler. This will act to plump the area of concern, as well as subtly lifting and rejuvenating the face.