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Dr Fiona McCarthy

An Insight Into Dr Fiona

Tell us a little about yourself?

“I’ve been a doctor for 16 years and I work part-time in a central London hospital as a consultant oncologist. Earlier this year, I bit the bullet and decided to follow my lifelong passion for beauty and skincare and opened my own aesthetic clinic in Chelsea. On top of that, I have two children, Henry and Isabella, aged 4 and 3 – hence the reason for my dark undereye circles!”

Why did you get into aesthetics ?

“When I was pregnant with Henry, I developed severe pigmentation on my face (melasma) and it really affected my confidence-I was using multiple different colour foundations and concealers to hide the patchy pigmentation so I decided to investigate how I could get rid of it – and was totally overwhelmed by all the options!-To laser or not to laser, did topical creams actually work, whether peels were enough to get rid of it? – my head was spinning. My other concern was there was so much pseudo-science in the marketing of all these treatments and products- when I delved deeper into it, the true scientific evidence was limited. If I was confused about it all as a doctor with a strong scientific background, then I wondered how on earth did other women decipher what to believe?

I have always loved beauty and skincare and could happily chat for hours on the pros and cons of different brands,ingredients and treatments on the market – Combining my medical and scientific background with a love of beauty led me quite naturally to develop a career in aesthetics.”

What drives you?

“I really want to demystify the beauty and skincare market for women (and men!). Every time you open a magazine, there is a new “miracle” anti-ageing product available. And, understandably, when you are feeling tired and worn out, you will be tempted to buy it to see if it works. As well as being a medical doctor for 16 years, I was also awarded a PhD by the University of London in 2016. This scientific background has really helped me to cut through the hype of different products and treatments.I tell my patients all the time to only spend money on products that have strong clinical evidence- and in reality, very few products meet this criteria so it is important to spend your money wisely.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I love being able to spend time with my patients and make them feel better about themselves, both inside and out. It often takes people years to get the confidence to go to see an aesthetic doctor about an issue they are unhappy with. A lot of my patients are worried about being judged for having aesthetic treatments and often keep it secret from friends and family. They also worry that they will have an unnatural result. I always tell them that when aesthetic treatments are done well, it should never be obvious. I aim for sutble and natural enhancements-patients often report back that friends have said they look well and ask if they have been away on holidays following a treatment-That, to me, is the sign of a job well done!”

Thank you Dr Fiona! To help you look and feel the absolute best version of yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule your consultation today!

Expertise. Excellence. Elegance. These are the 3 core values at the heart of Dr Fiona McCarthy’s vision when she founded her aesthetics clinic earlier this year, following the birth of her two children and in pursuit of her lifelong passion.

From Oncology to Aesthetics

Dr Fiona’s main goal is to simplify the process for each and every patient that walks through the clinic doors as she knows all too-well how overwhelming the aesthetic and skin care landscape can be. After close to 20 years of medical experience as a consultant oncologist specialising in dermatological cancers, the leap towards becoming a highly qualified aesthetic doctor was practically seamless. Now, she works tirelessly to achieve your skincare, beauty and wellbeing dreams based on a fortified foundation of trust.

16 Years of Excellence

Dr Fiona offers an unrivalled level of expert guidance, having graduated in medicine 16 years ago before going on to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians 5 years later. While her career pathway may have switched, she hasn’t left oncology behind as she maintains her role as a part-time consultant oncologist for the NHS in central London. Her clinical qualifications and academic interests are vast, as is her extensive training and experience journey, having completed an abundance of respected aesthetic training courses and being awarded a PhD for her work on the links between inflammation and cancer by the University of London last year.

When it comes to aesthetic treatment, Dr Fiona believes in a preventative and holistic approach to skincare, because one size certainly does not fit all – an ethos she triumphs as a frequent lecturer at prestigious congresses and workshops around the world. Every patient is as unique as the last, with varying skin types and behaviours that react to certain conditions in different ways. Skincare should be tailored to you, allowing for a healthy, rested and rejuvenated appearance that relies on subtle enhancements rather than dramatic changes.

Dr Fiona wants nothing more than to help you look and feel the absolute best version of yourself, with scientifically proven skincare results. She’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with this chelsea aesthetic doctor and schedule your consultation today!

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