When friends ask me for skincare advice, I’m always a little nervous – what works for me might not work for them. But recently, I received two cris du coeur from friends lamenting that they felt especially old and tired-looking (thank you Zoom burnout). Help! did I have a magic cream that could sort them out? Of course I didn’t, but I know someone who might. I introduced them to a new online skincare platform called GetHarley, which gives you access to top experts in a matter of waitlist-busting days. It had recently sorted out my own long-standing skin bugbear – sun damage – and I was impressed.

I’m matched with Dr Fiona McCarthy, an NHS consultant oncologist and medical aesthetic doctor based in Chelsea. She has suffered badly with post-pregnancy pigmentation (melasma) herself and treated it with a prescription regime by Obagi, the same one that helped transform Judy Murray’s complexion recently (although the radiofrequency microneedling treatment Morpheus8 she had for what she called her ‘turkey neck’ rather unfairly gained all the attention, says Fiona).

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