I used to think it was just my bathroom cabinet that was out of control. Recently though, a friend, despairing about her ever-expanding lockdown beauty routine, showed me her bathroom shelves via Zoom and she has almost as much stock as Space NK.

The trend for layering hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, niacinamide, vitamin C, plus peels and masks, means we’re bombarding our faces and our skin is suffering. But how do you reset when there are thousands of products promising startling results?

Enter GetHarley, a new online consultation service that links clients to appropriate skin experts. Whether your problem is acne, eczema, dark circles or you just want a no-BS beauty routine, GetHarley will find your match. Mine was Dr Fiona McCarthy, an oncologist who moved into aesthetics in 2015, after experiencing skin pigmentation during her pregnancies. She also, according to her biog, has ‘a holistic and preventative approach to ageing’. Excellent.